Applying to the program
  • Start academic planning early, ideally during sophomore year, to ensure you have available space in your schedule during your senior year.

  • The first application for the program is through Rice, completed in your junior year. Admission is selective and requires good academic standing with ability to complete Rice degree and graduation requirements by taking only 1-2 courses at Rice per semester in senior year.

  • The Rice-UTSPH application deadline is in late January/early February of your junior year to begin program in August of your senior year.

  • The Rice-UTSPH application also requires one letter of recommendation from a faculty member/major adviser and a signature from the Office of Academic Advising.

After admission to the program
  • Upon admission to Rice-UTSPH program, you will formally apply to UTSPH Certificate Program (not the MPH program) via the SOPHAS online application in late spring of your junior year.

  • You cannot apply directly to the MPH program until your senior year (more on this below).

  • Upon admission to UTSPH, you must complete all necessary paperwork during the summer before beginning the program. Start early as clearing immunization, in-state residency, background check and other forms can take several weeks or more. Pertinent information can be found at the UT web page for newly admitted students.

  • You must complete the in-state tuition form by the UTSPH deadline.

  • In the fall of your senior year, you will register separately for Rice classes and UTSPH classes.

  • You will take 2-3 courses at UTSPH per semester during your senior year.

  • At Rice, you will register for “placeholder” courses, which will ensure that you receive Rice credit for the courses you take at UTSPH. You can find these course numbers by searching the Registrar’s Course Schedule using keyword “UTSPH” or Instructor “Ostherr”

  • Your tuition and mandatory fees for your first year at UTSPH will be paid by Rice, but you must be enrolled at Rice full-time for your entire senior year.

Transition from the certificate to the MPH program
  • During late fall of your first year (your senior year at Rice) you will apply to transfer from the certificate program to MPH program. This application requires a GRE score for the second SOPHAS application, as well as two letters of recommendation (one can come from the Rice faculty member who originally recommended you to the program; one can come from a co-director of the Rice-UT program, Dr. Diep or Dr. Ostherr).

  • The deadline for application to the MPH program with scholarship eligibility is December 1; deadline without scholarship eligibility is March 1. Dates may vary year-to-year, so check the UTSPH calendar.

  • Seek information and make plans to complete your practicum early, especially if you are interested in going abroad for this part of your training during the summer between year one and year two of the MPH program.