Wellbeing, Health, and Safety Resources

Rice Counseling Center (RCC)

Website: https://wellbeing.rice.edu/counseling-center/about-us
Phone: 713-348-3311
Location: Barbara and David Gibbs Wellness Center, 1st floor

The clinical team at the RCC is a diverse team of psychologists, social workers, counselors, and consulting psychiatrist committed to providing professional, compassionate and individualized care. The RCC team provides assessment, short-term psychotherapy, and consultation services.

Wellbeing Office

Website: https://wellbeing.rice.edu/studentwellbeing
Phone: 713-348-3311
E-mail: wellbeing@rice.edu
Location: Barbara and David Gibbs Wellness Center, 1st floor
*Rice Health Advisors are also available through each residential college.

The Student Wellbeing Office serves as a primary prevention program to address the occurrence of wellbeing and mental health concerns for undergraduate and graduate students at Rice University. Our staff members are trained professionals who can help students to address a wide range of wellbeing issues such as stress management, relationship concerns, difficulty making decisions, struggling with identity, and academic concerns or problems that are more serious in nature.

Student Health Services

Website: https://health.rice.edu/
Phone: 713-348-4966
E-mail: hlsv@rice.edu
Location: Morton L. Rich Student Health Center (near Brown College Magister's House)

Rice Student Health Services provides preventive and outpatient clinical care for the students of Rice University.

SAFE Office

Website: https://safe.rice.edu/
Phone: 713-348-3311
E-mail: titleixsupport@rice.edu
Location: Morton L. Rich Student Health Center (near Brown College Magister's House)

Rice University’s The SAFE Office: Interpersonal Misconduct Prevention and Support offers care management and navigation to students who are reporting an incident of interpersonal violence perpetrated against them and to students who have been accused of perpetrating interpersonal violence.

The Office also provides prevention education to the Rice community on sexual and domestic violence, sexual harassment, stalking and Title IX and Clery Act requirements.

Disability Resource Center (DRC)

Website: http://drc.rice.edu
Phone: 713-348-5841
E-mail: adarice@rice.edu
Location: 111 Allen Center

It is the mission of the Disability Resource Center (DRC) to be committed to providing access to the educational environment for students. The DRC also assists faculty, staff, and visitors with accommodation requests to help ensure equal access and opportunity.

Emergency Resources

Website: https://emergency.rice.edu/what-to-do

Rice University Police & Emergency Medical Services

Website: http://www.rupd.rice.edu/
Phone: 713-348-6000 (24/7 assistance)
Location: Entrance 8

The Rice University Police Department (RUPD) takes the lead in providing a safe environment for the university community by protecting life and property. To achieve this protection, RUPD maintains patrols to deter and detect crime, report fires, and safety hazards, and control traffic on campus.

The police department is also responsible for investigating all crimes that occur on campus. To ensure the security of the campus, it is important that members of the community promptly report all crimes and emergencies, including personal injuries, fire, and traffic accidents to RUPD.

Undergraduate Alcohol Policy

Undergraduate Alcohol Policy