Administrative Leadership at Rice


  • David W. Leebron, President
  • Reginald DesRoches, Provost
  • Kevin Kirby, Vice President for Administration
  • Kathy Collins, Vice President for Finance
  • Yvonne Romero Da Silva, Vice President for Enrollment
  • Allison Thacker, Vice President for Investments and Treasurer
  • Kathi Warren, Vice President for Development & Alumni Relations
  • Linda Thrane, Vice President for Public Affairs
  • Klara Jelinkova, Vice President for Information Technology
  • Yousif Shamoo, Vice Provost for Research
  • Sarah Lowman, Vice Provost and University Librarian
  • Richard Zansitis, General Counsel
  • Ryan Kirksey, Senior Assistant to the President

Dean of Undergraduates Division

Bridget K. Gorman, Dean of Undergraduates

Other Important Offices