DOU Staff Recognition Award

The DOU Staff Recognition Award recognizes staff members for their outstanding achievements in their unit, the Division of the Dean of Undergraduates, or Rice as a whole. Preference will be given to candidates that establish collaborative relationships.

To be eligible for the award, the staff member must be in a regular, benefits-eligible position, within the Division, for a minimum of four years (by the call for nominations), be in good standing, and meet the following criteria:

  • consistently demonstrate outstanding performance throughout their tenure by making contributions which have significantly improved the department/unit, the Division of the Dean of Undergraduates and Rice University;
  • embody Rice’s mission, purpose, vision and values; and
  • advance the priorities of his/her unit or department by recognizing his/her role in achieving its goals.

Division nominations are solicited annually. Nominators will be asked to submit a maximum two-page letter describing the candidate’s qualifications and contributions. If a group has a mutual nomination, collaboration is encouraged. Please note that individuals cannot receive the same award in concurrent years.

The Selection Committee seeks to gain an understanding of who the nominee is through the nomination letter. Successful submissions will be chosen from those nominations that articulate how the nominee meets and exceeds the criteria through examples. Nominations timelines are announced in the Spring of every academic year with deadlines typically in mid-late March.

A commemorative award will be presented at a division event.

For a list of previous winners of the DOU Staff Recognition Award, please click here.