Committee on Examinations and Standing

Please note: The Committee on Examinations and Standing is on summer recess. They will meet again in the 2nd week of the fall semester – the day has not yet been determined. Please refrain from submitting additional petition materials or support until August 1st. We are revamping the submission process and you may have to re-submit materials if you submit before that date.

All students are subject to the academic regulations of Rice University as listed in the General Announcements. Students are personally responsible for meeting all departmental and university requirements and academic deadlines. However, unforeseen circumstances may cause a student to not be in compliance with some regulation. Even though students intend to do everything properly, illness, family emergencies, or accidents may prevent them from meeting their obligations.

Undergraduate students who are not in compliance with some regulation can petition the Committee on Examinations and Standing, commonly referred to as EX&S. Students may petition to add or drop a course after the deadline, for permission to return to the University after an academic suspension, for waivers of rules or requirements, and for other actions pertaining to their academic status. EX&S is charged with interpreting and enforcing the academic regulations of the University while approving exceptions as circumstances warrant. EX&S allows exceptions to the academic regulations only in extenuating circumstances.

For information about the petitioning process please review the frequently asked questions.